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Anonymous Whispered:
was that a female romania that you posted?


  • Of Monsters And Men
  • My Head Is An Animal
  • King And Lionheart
  • 116 plays

FrancexJeanne d’Arc = King and Lionheart

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  • Trading Yesterday
  • The Beauty & the Tragedy
  • One day
  • 114 plays

One Day = GerBel(g)

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nyo!liechtenstein nyo!britain nyo!engliecht
Anonymous Whispered:
Arthur, don't be like that :c Play pocky game with Michelle! >3<



smh XD

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lol oh my otp how silly you are engsey aph: britain aph: seychelles


tfw ur datefriend is being hella rude smh

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RussiaxFem!America aph: russia nyo!america


にょかなとめり by: いたわさ

**permission to upload this was given by the artist**

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americaxfem!canada aph: america nyo!canada


another sketch i made yesterday, drawing a new one right now…

i wonder what are they talking about >_>

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aph: belgium aph: saxony saxbel


portugal and nyo!spain dancing the tango! cough i’m sorry I’m bad at drawing people dancing so no full body poses yet. apologies for any errors (i’m not a dance expert- but i did try and draw based on videos of tango-dancing competition videos!)

(i need to draw argentina and brazil too since the former invented it haha)

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portugalxfem!spain aph: portugal nyo!spain
Anonymous Whispered:
Femest pairings? What you like? I kinda would like to see her with male ukraine, or finland, or selfcest?

I can’t really find any fem!estonia. There’s only stuff of her by herself or with the other Baltic chicks.


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estnyo aph: estonia nyo!estonia

Gilbread X Transy SKETCH by Ask-Fem-Romania

3 notes aph: prussia nyo!romania prussiaxfem!romania fem!romania